The procedure of water transfer printing


Water transfer printing is a surface coating using different decor foils. Nearly all three-dimensional parts can be coated with this process technology.

The Steps:

1. Decor selection:

Select from our collection your desired sample/decoration.

2. Pretreatment:

The parts are -if necessary- professionally polished, primed and/or covered with a basic colour according to the decor.

3. Activation:

The printing film is put on the water surface in the dipping basin and activated. The carrier foil dissolves and delivers the imprinted decoration to the water surface, the decoration and samples remain.

4. Transfer:

The part is dipped into the swimming decoration. The water presses the foil to the part with constant pressure distribution.

5. Washing and drying:

The coated surface afterwards is washed off to remove the surplus carrier foil and then dried.

6. Clear-paint:

Clear paint protects the part. Afterwards it is polished. The resulting finish gives the highest resistance to abrasion and light.