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Foil sample book with all current film decors. Content approx. 620 designs.

One set of the latest designs.

CD, CW, CS, CA-NR and CA-R.

Not included are the MST-Design-Own designs. See category Film Designs.

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Hand disinfectant with pump dispenser - 1x 500 ml bottle

LinkThe antiseptic gel

Skin-protecting protection against bacteria, germs and fungi.

Dermatologically tested.

500 ml bottle including pump dispenser to screw in.

Color: colorless

Product description:

Hand hygiene without water.

Effectively removes bacteria, germs and fungi on the skin and offers an additional care effect.

Absorbs within seconds, provides the skin with moisture and thus optimally protects it from drying out. Best suited for daily use.

Due to the high alcohol content, fulfills the recommended basic effectiveness against enveloped viruses (e.g. influenza A / H1N1 swine flu)

Suitable for all hygiene-relevant areas. Ideal for quick and safe hand hygiene in between.

LinkThe antiseptic gel minimizes the risk of transmission of infectious agents. For application on the skin. Ideal for on the go or when traveling.

Ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004:

Nonionic surfactants <5%, disinfectants

Active ingredients: 100g LinkThe antiseptic gel contains 62g ethanol.


Link Chemie AG

Dürrwiesen 16

D-73614 Schorndorf

Caution: Flammable liquid and vapor.
Causes serious eye irritation. Keep away from heat and hot surfaces, open flames and other ignition sources.
Do not smoke. Store cool and in a well-ventilated place. if medical advice is needed, have packaging and label at hand.
Keep out of the reach of children. Read label before use.

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Universal Pistol-holder for paint spray guns

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Defoamer 0.5 liter silicone-free MST-Design

For adding in excessive foaming in the plunge pool or in the washing machine.

Dropwise admit. Foam disappears.


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1 l = 37.98 €

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7,5 kW electric heating element for dipping tanks and washing machine

TJ 1 1/2 "

The electrical heater is an independent electrical heating system for water, which is equipped with a heater, a factory and a safety thermostat. It is connected to a nozzle with a thread G 1 1/2 ".

The thermostat with external control allows smooth adjustment of temperature 0-75 °.

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