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Foil sample book with all current film decors. Content approx. 620 designs.

One set of the latest designs.

CD, CW, CS, CA-NR and CA-R.

Not included are the MST-Design-Own designs. See category Film Designs.

119.00 *

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Universal Pistol-holder for paint spray guns

19.99 *

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Defoamer 0.5 liter silicone-free MST-Design

For adding in excessive foaming in the plunge pool or in the washing machine.

Dropwise admit. Foam disappears.


18.99 / 0.5 l *
1 l = 37.98 €

In stock
can be shipped within 3 days

6 kW electric heating element for dipping tanks and washing machine


TJ 1 1/2 "

The electrical heater is an independent electrical heating system for water, which is equipped with a heater, a factory and a safety thermostat. It is connected to a nozzle with a thread G 1 1/2 ".

The thermostat with external control allows smooth adjustment of temperature 0-75 °.

174.99 *

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