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Water transfer printing washing machine 1500 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Water transfer printing washing machine

washing machine:
- Complete stainless steel sink with cover
- Rinsing adjustable via time switch relay

Electrical equipment:
- Pool is equipped with a circulation pump (1x pump for bowl rinse)
- Functions: Heating on / off
                      Pump on / off
- Pool is protected against overheating by a limiter and thermostat, and additionally via
   protected an RCD
- Power supply 400V 16A
- Pool is equipped with a 6 kW heater
- Equipped with a perforated plate made of stainless steel for storage of coated parts
Easy to open lid on gas struts

Our tanks are made exclusively in Germany, with a certified metal construction and then completed at our company! Before the basins are delivered, an electrical inspection is carried out.


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7,5 kW electric heating element for dipping tanks and washing machine

TJ 1 1/2 "

The electrical heater is an independent electrical heating system for water, which is equipped with a heater, a factory and a safety thermostat. It is connected to a nozzle with a thread G 1 1/2 ".

The thermostat with external control allows smooth adjustment of temperature 0-75 °.

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