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New Mouthguard - disposable mask - face mask - 3 layers - 50 pieces

Face mask - disposable mask - face mask

Skin-friendly, medical disposable masks with a comfortable ear hook and easily adjustable bridge pole for the nose

Ideal for dust, pollen, particle protection

Contents: 50 pieces (blue) - 3 layers

Medical face protection, dust protection for high comfort and low air resistance.

This medical face protection reduces the transmission of bacteria and particles from person to person.

High filtration capacity with low breathing resistance.
9.99 / pack(s) *
1 piece(s) = 0.20 €
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New Visor - Face Shield - Face protection - Face protection shield - Eye protection - Splash protection

Face Shield - face protection - face protection shield - eye protection

Splash protection against liquid - shield / screen - face visor - spit protection - protective shield

Reusable and washable

The face shields ensure a comfortable fit. The visors can be easily cleaned. In addition, glasses wearers can easily wear the face shields without feeling oppressive or annoying.

The visors are very suitable as splash protection against liquids for the eyes, nose and mouth.

These protective shields optimally adapt to their head shape with a rubber band. The clear plastic film guarantees optimal splash protection for the eyes, nose and mouth.
9.99 *
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can be shipped within 3 days

Bajonett Filter for Respirator - Halfmask

Bayonet Filter

Combination filter A2P3 RD for use with the half-mask 6700. bayonet lock for an easy and safe insertion. 1 pair.

37.99 / set(s) *
1 piece(s) = 19.00 €
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can be shipped within 3 days

Fine Dust filter mask FFP2 with valve

Particulate Respirator FFP2 with valve - Dust mask

Provides protection class FFP2 with EN149: 2001 standard.

Working with harmful and carcinogenic dusts, fumes and aerosols up to 10 times the TLV.

8.99 *
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can be shipped within 3 days

Respirator - Halfmask different sizes (M/L)

Comfortable and low-maintenance half mask inbl. 2 filter

Size M

Specially designed for protective requirements in paint shops when working with paints and varnish.

59.99 *
In stock
can be shipped within 3 days
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