PLASTI DIP® - Dip Wash Conzentrate - Dip your car

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Plasti Dip - Dip Wash Concentrate

0.946 liters

Designed as a gentle and ph balanced formula - specifically for washing dipped surfaces


Plasti Dip - Dip Wash Concentrate

0.946 liters

This formula has a neutral pH and with a gentle action developed for all submerged and with

Plasti Dip-sprayed surfaces.


Can only be applied 24 hours after the last application of Plasti Dip!

Suitable for normal soiled Plasti Dip surfaces.

Mix 85 - 170 ml concentrate to 3.76 liter of water.

For extremely dirty surfaces, the concentration can be increased a little bit.

Rinse cleaned surfaces with cold water and air dry after.


Keep out of reach of children!

Do not ingest. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately!